William's Place is the northern California recording studio of Grammy-winning producer Bill Bottrell.

Equipment and Features:

Neve 8058 Console
updated signal path, 16 added Neve mix inputs for 44 inputs, 28 31102 mic pre/Eq's. 32264a compressor/limiters, full 48 track wired mini patch bay.

Radar II
24 track hard disk recorder.

Studer A-800
2-inch analog recorder. 16 or 24 track heads.

Pro-tools 24 mix
connected by 16 AES digital lines to Radar. Lots of plug-ins.

DB technologies
AD122a/d converter

6 schoeps 221 tube variable pattern
4 Nuemann KM54 tube
2 Nuemann U-47 tube
1 Nuemann U-47 fet
1 RCA KU3A ribbon
2 Beyer M160 ribbon
AKG D112
2 AKG 421
1 Beyer M88 dynamic
6 Shure SM 57
Plus more

Reverb and FX
Yamaha Rev-!reverb
Quantec QRS reverb
H-3000 harmonizer
2 Roland SDE 3000 delays
1 Roland SRV 3000 reverb

Limiters and EQ
2 Urei 1176 black face compressors
2 DBX 160 compressors
1 Massenburg EQ 8200
2 Pultec EQH-2

Twin Tannoy SRM 10-customized with Tannoy subs, powered by Crown Macro Reference

16 headphones, AKG and Fostex
AKG mic stands
all necessary cabling
Power amps BGW, Bryston, Dynakit, EV
Full Shop
Propane-powered audio quality back-up generator

1880's brick company store steell reinforced in 1998. Overlooks 200 acres State of California nature preserve and the Pacific Ocean. Quiet rural street, no neighbors within 100 yards. Record with windows open. Main Studio, open plan room 37x39 with 12foot ceiling windows, 9x10. Two front rooms, use for office, lodging, or recording, 13x22. Private rear deck overlooks fields and ocean.

Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer piano, Yamaha upright piano, Gretsch drums, Guitars, amps, keyboards, Samplers, hand drumspercussionon, Roland electronidrumsms.

Some microphones and some instruments may not be included.

© 2006 Bill Bottrell. Created by MWD